A Missingno. Creepypasta

Red had heard the legends long before he had set of long
before any of
this had happened. Long before this thing, this place took his
and then took him. But now he was expiriencing it first hand.
sorry, I have gotten a head of myself. Let me take you back to

Red had set out on his Pokemon journey a couple months
ago. He had
chosen Squirtle, just like his dear old dad. His mom wanted to
say so
many things before he left, he knew. But she had only kept
the same thing since the glitch Pokemon Missingno. got her

Red’s journey was fairly uneventful, just beating the gyms
any other trainer. Unlike the average trainer though, he took
down Team Rocket and solved the ghost problem in Pokemon tower.
Along the way,
he was even able to reconnect with a childhood friend,
Professor Oak’s
grandson. I forget his name, but that’s not important.

What is important is after defeating the Elite Four and his
rival, the
current champion for the final time, he had decided it was the
right time to talk to the old man in Viridian City. He was gonna let
teach him how to catch a Pokemon. Now it might seem silly
for a champ
to ask an old man how to catch a Pokemon, but he had heard a

The rumor was that if you talked to the old man and let him
teach you
how to catch a Pokemon, if you were to then fly to Cinnibar
Island and
sail up the east coast, you could meet Missingno.

Red followed those steps, and there he was, face to face with
Missingno. The very Pokemon that took his father. He was
able to get
it down and catch it. He didn’t realise that is exactly what he
supposed to avoid. He surfed back to Cinnibar, after what felt
hours of surfing and…

No, this wasn’t Cinnibar. Black, sketchy blocks dotted what
like a big city. People stared at Red, but these weren’t
citizens. They didn’t have any eyes, and black….. pixels? Dripped
from their mouths. Then with horror, Red realised that the
were drops of blood, which then dripped from their eye
sockets. Red
walked down the city, until he reached a big building.

the high staircase, he saw a door.
The door flew open, and the figure of Red’s dad was there. He
ran up
to hug him, and…. I cannot say it.

Now, I am sure you are wondering how I know of Red and his
fate. The
answer is simple, I am Missingno. and I am very glad I got to
tell you this tale.
Now, if you would please visit Viridian and talk to my friend,
then go to Cinnibar and surf the east coast, me and Red are
dying to
meet you.


~ by Shadowfox on April 20, 2011.

One Response to “A Missingno. Creepypasta”

  1. Ok dude just fucking creepy

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