Joy to the World

I do not own nothin’. I do not claim to own anything. If I did, this wouldn’t be a fan fic, would it? I decided to do a fic because I am sorta good at them (read: bored). This does not even compare to the epicness of Black Adventures. N Joy~.
Joy cautiously approached the Ferris Wheel, and waited. He had gotten a note that read, “Meet me at the Ferris Wheel, dumbass. ~ Your Secret Admirer, Got a Problem with That?” The whole thing seemed suspicious, but what would it hurt to chech it out? He heard a voice whisper to him, calling him over to an area behind him. The Audino was very nervous, as it could be an ambush. He peered his head around the corner from where the voice came from, and Jesus the Whimsicott was there.

“Hey, dumbass. I just wrote that note because, well…” Joy backed away then dashed to leave. Jesus drove his head into Joy’s back to stop him. “Listen to me, homo. It’s not like I WANT to ride the Ferris Wheel with you. It is just I have no one else to ride with,” the fluffy Pokemon stated rather… bluntly.

“Why don’t you just ride it by yourself,” a confused healing Pokemon asked. “Who the hell rides a Ferris Wheel alone, fucking faggy dumbass,” the smart mouthed Jesus retorted. Joy realized he had a point and decided to go up with him real quickly. There would be no harm in it; at least he hoped there wouldn’t be.

They got to the doors and got on. “Those people looked mad we cut in front of them,” Joy said, concerned for their feelings. “Goody damn two shoes, just shut up and ride me,” the EVIL villain replied. “…Ride you?” “WITH ME, I MEANT! RIDE WITH ME, FAG,” a defensive and blushing Whimsicott shouted. Joy blushed back and said, “Uh, I knew that.”

“Top of Nimbasa looks pretty damn fucking pretty, I guess.” “Ya-yeah.” The ride ended and they got off. The ride, that is. Joy had no idea what to say. That was probably the most awkward few minutes in his life. And he had been travelling with Black and N. Jesus kissed him on the cheek suddenly, and then spit in a different direction. “Tell anyone, you’re dead,” Jesus threatened. “G-g-got it,” Joy nervously replied before the two went their seperate ways.

I hoped you liked it. I tried my best, and I hope it was a respectable effort. Chao for now~.

~ by Shadowfox on May 17, 2011.

18 Responses to “Joy to the World”

  1. oh man, this had me grinning like a derp

  2. X3 yes. That is all I can say. YES. ❤


    (right after BlackxN/NewYorkShipping, I mean, but still really high on the list <3)

    This is brilliant and hilarious. POTTYMOUTH TSUNDERE JESUS MAKING FREUDIAN SLIPS. He's perfect. And Joy is moe. I love you for doing this. 8DD

  4. I’m so, SO happy that fic exists for these two. .\\\\. I like the part where they got off.

  5. 😀 TOO CUTE

  6. How sweet :3 I like this paring, Jesus is charm dumbass. He makes me laugh 😀

  7. FFFFF-
    You just made my afternoon, shadowfox!

    oooh~ this fanfic is just so adorable Q uQ

  8. And I send some love right back to ya’! Yours is much appreciated!

    That’s the fluffiest most adorable thing I’ve ever read.
    Seriously. I love it.

  10. After I read the first sentence I was like “JESSUUUUSSSSSSSS”

  11. jesus needs to learn political correct terms >.<

  12. Great!
    Though doesn’t Joy usually beat jesus?

  13. Any chance of there being a sequel to this?

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